Monday, June 24, 2013


Kasalelie! (Pohnpeian)
It's crazy how life works out with all these "coincidences."  I am trully under the impression that there are no coincidences, and only God watching over us. I would have loved to have met with President Stringham. I'm sure he loved Dad. 
This week was a good one.  We committed 5 people to be baptized.  Of course none of them showed up to church.... keep hope alive.  We've found a few people that are pretty cool and good potentials for baptism, so hopefully they will go through.  We had a baptism on Saturday with a little girl we were teaching.  She's 8 so it doesn't count for our baptisms, but it was so great.  The mom is less active so we have been working to strengthen the whole family.  We really want to work to help make the whole family active and not just the girl.  That's probably what we're going to focus on now. 
Well, I feel like I have an official calling in the ward playing the organ in sacrament.  I love how they don't tell me what we're playing until the 'day of' sometimes haha.  I definitely cannot sight read hymns on the organ nearly as easy as I can on the piano... But I've got lots of practice and it will be good for me.  That and I've gotten to play 'Aloha Oe' a lot as well for people leaving.  One of our favorite families in the ward are leaving now.  It's super sad becase they're one of the nicest families in the ward.  They're going to live in Arizona.  Hotness! Ugh.
I can't really say that there has been a lot of significant things happen this week.  Still chugging along.  The new Elder is working hard and learning fast.  He motivates me to work hard as well and to talk with anybody I can find. 
Well I love you lots.  You're the best mom a kid like me could ask for.  Let me know if I can do anything for you.  :)
Elder Nitta

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Aloha momma

This week has mainly been dedicated to finding new investigators.  We had 8 new ones this last week. (The goal each week is 4) So that's exciting, except that none of our investigators showed up at Church.  But hey, at church a kid came up to me after sacrament and said that he went to Centennial and that you helped him out a lot.  He was from Australia and played football.  Sorry I don't remember the name.  But the whole family came up and met me.  It was super great.  His father is Japanese and his mother is Australian.  His father was an All American Football player and then a Rugby star in Australia as well.

I do remember Talia.  It's great to hear she is coming to BYUH.  And I will most definitely, at one point  serve on the island of Oahu.  Missionaries say that it's inevitable because about 2/3 of our Zones are there.  Elder Holyoak is great.  He is super ready to work and to get out and go.  He motivates me. 

So yesterday, I beefed it on 'the' bike.  I was just going with one hand on the handle bar and the other was holding an object lesson that we were going to teach when I went over a bump and fell.  Haha - you would have laughed.  I got a bruise on my leg and a scrape on my elbow but I'm doing well.  People here are always willing to provide any kind of help that you need.  And apparently I was a sight because a lot of people came to my rescue.  If I hadn't ruined the object lesson, I would have began teaching right there on the street. 

This last week we had a Zone Conference with President Dalton.  It was his last Zone Conference.  Pretty soon the new Mission President is going to come in.  It was great to wish him well.  We sang God be With You Till We Meet Again in Hawaiian to them.  The Missionaries all gave them a bunch of gifts.  Overall it was great. Through President Dalton, I have learned how to be a better missionary.  

Well, we have two people set up with a date to be baptized!  We're just hoping and praying that they go through.  One kid needs to be married first, (I'm not sure if that's going to happen though).  We haven't seen him in a long time - but he has set a marriage date to be this Saturday.  Hopefully he pulls through.  Then I actually met family of Elder Kirk Kiaha.  They sent him a message to get in contact with me, so hopefully that can happen soon.  It would be great to see him again.  He is either in Utah or on the island of Molokai.  Molokai is VERY close to where I am serving in Maui.  

It's crazy to think I've been here for over 3 months now.  But it's great, being able to help others come unto Christ and learn and progress so much.  It's amazing to see the changes in people's lives and to see how they can grow so quickly.  Most important, it's been amazing growing closer to the Lord through missionary work.  The best is yet to come!

I love you guys.  Have a great week!

Elder Nitta

Ke akua pu a hui hou kakou
Kona aloha ke hoo malu
Ho'oauhee ina po i no
Ke akua pu a a hui hou kakou

Hui hou, hui hou
Mako Iesu mau wawae
Hui hou, hui hou
Ke akua pu a hou hou kakou

(God Be With You Till We Meet Again)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 11, 2013

We are the Krueger's from your son's area that they are serving,  We enjoy having them in our home.  They are great Missionaries!

Sister Noe Krueger
Elder Holyoak & Elder Nitta

June 10, 2013

Aloha Momma,

This week has been fun/hard.  My new missionary companion, Elder Holyoak, is great.  He works hard and teaches well.  It's crazy to look at him and see how much I have been able to grow in the past few months.  It seems as if I was at one point sitting there not really talking and hoping that I could think of somthing to input when teaching lessons.  Now I'm the one that gets to direct where the whole conversations are going.  It's great. It's hard.  And an awesome learing expeience if anything.  I hope that I will be able to be a good example in all I do.  I want him to work hard even when he has a new companion that isn't as motivated when I won't be here.

I have learned the blessings of working hard, being diligent and obedient.  When I first arrived, Elder Mitton and I had nothing to work with.  But with effort and blessings, we saw baptisms through it.  More than anything, I want to be obedient and set a good example to the members and my companions.

Two more Missionaries were sent to this area.  They are in our Ward, but live elsewhere,  we just have a small one room apartment in the back of a member's home that only accommodates Elder Holyoak and I.

So we are working a lot through members to find new investigators.  It's been kinda hard so far, but it'll be worth it in the end.  The members here are terrific.  They are so humbled and so willing to help the missionary work progress.  We are blessed for sure.  Makes me feel guilty that I didn't help the missionaries when I was home...  The members are a true link in helping the work further along.

Tell Chels good luck.  Or sorry, Sister Nitta. (Ha ha )I know she's going to be great and going to work hard.  She's always been a great example to me growing up.  We're all trying to make you proud I suppose.  Just know that she's doing something great and you shouldn't have to miss her, just like you shouldn't miss me.  We'll be back eventually :)

So this week has been fun.  It's been rough sometimes with a lot of apointments cancelling on us, but I feel that we are making 'little' progress.  I hope that that this progress, albeit small, can bring forth fruits of baptism soon though! I'm going to work hard to do all I can to further this work while I am here in Wailuku.  And I hope the influence of the Gospel we have taught here can continue long after I am gone.  I want to be able to help and I want to be the best I can, especially to those who look up to me for guidance. 

Love ya lots!

Elder Nitta
Maui No Ka Oi
Pictures are from our Zone Conference (I need a haircut-Cousin Heather fly over here!)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 5, 2013

New Companion for Elder Nitta!
Welcome Elder Holyoak
Sushi at the Kava Bar
Thank you Sister Ingrid Uista

June 7, 2013

Elder's Nitta and Holyoak Eating with the Kaaa Family
Elder Holyoak's 4th day on Maui

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hawaiian's Sing The Best!

Dear Family,
A lot has happened this last week.  Not a lot of Hawaiians play piano here, and they don't necessarily sing that much.  Yes, the Tongans sing, but it's all 'a capella.'  They don't like the piano for some reason. And it's been my experience that they are better than anything I've heard - they can harmonize like none other momma.
We had 2 baptisms this last week.  One 18 year old young man whom we hope to get on a mission, and another man in his 30s.  We are hoping to be able to work with the children of the other man - he has 3 children over 8 years old.... So hopefully we'll be able to do that.  
This is my last week with Elder Mitton.  He leaves on Wednesday, and I won't see my new companion until later that night.  I'm going to train him.  There are a lot of new missionaries coming out around this time.  We expect around 70 new missionaries in the next 2 transfers.  So I get this new Elder.  I think his name is Holyoak?  I don't really know....  But it'll be a great learning experience.
I was also informed that they are splitting our area.  So I am going to be the one missionary that will know this area of the 3 new ones that are coming in.  I'm told I have the responsibility to show around all the new missionaries and introduce them to all their investigators.  Should be fun.  Hopefully I'll know what I'll be doing. Just saying...  
Today for P-Day we went to Kahakuloa, a small little village on the northern most part of Maui.  We spent some time with a family and went and looked at some taro patches.  It's so beautiful with all the nature and the greenery.  We got to take a lot of pictures down on the beach area.  No I didn't touch the sand.
We have a goal as a mission to reach 200 baptisms in the month of June.  We have so far been consistent with hitting around 100 or so.  The highest the mission ever got was in the 150s I think.  So as president Dalton's last month here, he wants to see this mission be able to reach his goal that he set.  When he first got here, he set the goal of 100 and now we're going for 200.  
Well, we don't have many solid people we're teaching.  The next real baptism we have scheduled is in July.  The one we had in June dropped.  They don't want to get married until later this year.  We will just have to buckle down and find new people is all.

Well sorry I gotta go.  We had a long day and we have a lesson in about a half hour.  Love ya lots
Elder Nitta