Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanks for the Package

Ahhhh it's crazy to hear that Chelsea is getting her call.  I wonder if it will end up that she and I get back around the same time.  It would be pretty awesome.  But i can't wait to hear where she gets to go.  My guess is Africa...  I'm excited for her.  I've been telling her how great of an experience it has been so far for me.  And I feel so bad (not really) that she has to wait to open her call. Justremind her how I waited for days to open mine up.
Wow that's weird to hear that Stephanie is taking lessons.  She was always a great person, but it's weird to think that she is taking the lessons, awesome, but kinda unexpected.  I may want to see a picture of what my plaque looks like though...
I'm sorry that i forgot to tell you last week that I got the package.  Thanks for sending it, although you really don't have to spoil me with more food (I am eating too much here).  It does take a litle while longer to send packages to Maui, because they all go to Oahu in the mission home first, but I do get them.  And I have been getting letters.  So don't think that packages don't get to me because they do :)
The weather here has been pretty good.  It's been around the 70s and 80s, except with the humidity.  I don't remember if I told you that we lost our car so now we're on bikes.  I do feel that I have been sweating a lot with exercise going up hills.  Our area is right on the side of a mountain so we go up a lot of hills.  I don't remember if I told you that we got in a car crash.  Nothing serious, just a crazy old lady rear ended us.  No one got hurt.  Although we did have one of the APs with us.  But now the mission doesn't want us driving, because this area was originally a biking area.  We were just using a car that wasn't being used.
So we have been waking up three times a week and going exercising with an MMA guy in the ward.  He's less active but we're working to get him coming back.  He works us prett hard running up stairs and stuff.  I;ve been able to show hims a little of what I remember with running, bu I don't really remember that much.
Well we did have 4 people with a date to be baptized but tat number is back down to 1 because a lot of our investigators didn't show up to church.  So we will for sure get someone though soon.  Well it's been great though.  Working to get a lot of investigators. We have about a dozen right now.
Love ya lots.  I hope ou're doing well
Elder Nitta

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