Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Aloha Family!

Hey! Sorry I didn't email yesterday.  We had a trip to Hana (the other side of Maui) and you have to take really crazy roads to get there (one laned, on the side of a cliff) and we didn't get back till really late and plus Elder Mitton got motion sickness so he was basically in bed as soon as we got home so I couldn't go anywhere to email.

Our trip to Hana was so pretty.  We went on a hike up into the jungle that lead through a bamboo forest.  Crazy awesome.  Then at the end there was a HUGE waterfall.  It was at least 30 or 40 stories high.  I don't really know, but it was super big.  The senior couple missionaries fed us (bbq pork for me).  Overall an awesome day (except Mitton getting sick and puking a little).  Oh and one of the churches (not ours) was broken into and they tagged up the chapel.  Apparently the ward members were really angry...

It's crazy to hear all the things going on at home.  Great to hear some people growing up so fast though.  I can't believe Chelsea hasn't told anyone yet! Oh well. But that's awesome that she's pretty much done now.  Let me know when you hear about the where!

There was a talk that we listened to on the way home from Hana.  I think it was called Life on the other side or something like that by John Bytheway.  I'll try to confirm that.  You should listen to it; great to listen to.

I don't think the bugs burrow into your skin. At least they didn't have a chance to thank goodness -  and the razor still works. =P And I just washed the pants and they were clean.

This week has been crazy.  We have a thing here called a high water mark, which is just the highest amount of baptisms in a month that a zone has ever achieved.  The previous high water mark was 20 or 21 (I don't really know) but we were on schedule to break that record for the last week of March.  But two baptisms dropped out at the last minute.  Through searching through a bunch of records, some elders on Molokai were able to find two people to baptize two days before the end of the month so we got that high water mark for the month of March.  But the thing is that our real goal was to break it two months in a row.  So now we are stressing to be able to baptize 22 people this month in our zone.

And as far as piano music, I want to be able to have all my church stuff, and most of the classical music I would play.  I can try to make a list of the books later. I would think the cord would be with all my stuff maybe in the bins or in my room.  I don't really know though, but thanks for looking.

Thanks for being an awesome mom.  Love ya lots :)

Elder Nitta

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