Monday, April 15, 2013

Advice to Chelsea

Crazy!  Well it took my call like a week and a half to get in.  I had my interview like Sunday or Monday and got the call the next Wednesday.  So I don't think it will quite take 3 weeks... Maybe but probably not.  

I remember while I was in the MTC, some of the staff there mentioned that they really don't know what they're going to do with all the new missionaries.  I think they said that in June or July, they're expecting to have close to 9000 missionaries in the MTC.  They don't have nearly enough room for them all but I heard that the church is buying Wyview and a couple other apartment places to house missionaries in the MTC.  That and they're building a lot of new MTCs around the world.  Honestly, I thought the MTC was one of the most spiritually growing times of my life so far.  It was such a great place to be.  Granted, I did only spend 12 days there, so I didn't quite get sick of the same food and the classroom every day.  But it was awesome.  So many people don't enjoy that time, but I thought it was such a great learning experience.  So go about it with the right attitude.

I don't really anticipate you to have struggles, but there were a lot of people there who were having a hard time there.  As the zone leader for our little branch, I kinda had to talk with a lot of the missionaries to make sure everything was going well and give some blessings there too.  I see that with the lowered age limit comes a lot of things.  Yes, a lot of more missionaries, but also a lot of immaturity.  Some of the 18 year old elders could have taken a lot of their experience more seriously.  Then a lot of them, I feel, have never really been pushed in their life to put all their effort into one thing.  I feel that I have been blessed in this way for doing drum corp honestly.  This last summer we would have to wake up and do the same thing every day, and I feel that because of that, I have been perfectly okay with this whole thing.  (But with that said I still have a lot to learn.)  I don't really feel stressed with doing this work.  Like Logan said, (If you're going about it in the right way) it's the easiest two years (or 18 months).  I feel that you will be such a great missionary, such a great example.

I know what you're talking about with conference.  I never really appreciated it, but since I've been out here, I have truly come to cherish the words of presiding authorities.  It's revelation for us now!!  I guess I haven't heard a lot about those issues.  I did hear that the FLDS church got rid of their prophet and put in a female prophet.  But, if anyone really has a testimony of this church, the doctrine shouldn't matter.  If they leave the church for something that they don't fully understand (something I don't fully understand), then I feel like they weren't really ready and worthy to be a full active member.  A lot of people have misconceptions about the church, even less active members.  But it's our duty to educate them of what we believe in and let the spirit testify to them of the truthfulness of it.

I did enjoy Elder Holland's and Uchtdorf's talks.  I do feel that I never really enjoy the sisters talks for a particular reason.  I hate how they always just address the sisters. I mean talk to everybody! That and they never really put in their own opinion into things.  They quote a lot and bear their testimony but don't really say bold statements about certain doctrines of the church.  All of us are equally susceptible to revelation that the spirit can give us.  But that's just my opinion.  

Yeah if I find a computer with a SD slot I'll try to email some pictures though in the mean time.  Maholo nui loa for emailing. Love ya lots

Elder Nitta (get used to abandoning Chelsea and embracing Sister Nitta :P)

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