Monday, March 25, 2013

Bed Bugs Are Actually Real

Dear Momma,

Maui has been pretty awesome so far.  I actually got to meet with the second counselor's grandparents (another Nitta family).  I was told I was the first missionary to ever be in their home.  So that was exciting, and I think I might see them again tonight at dinner.  The Nitta family will be feeding us. 

The weather has been great.  It's a little warm, but we work with just short sleeve shirts on.  Funny thing about our apartment.  Bed Bugs are actually real, and our apartment was kinda infested with them, and we didn't notice until last Thursday.  So now they are going to be tenting the house (putting the plastic sheet over the whole house and pumping it full of gas) and we don't get to go back until Wednesday.  In the mean time, we have been staying at our zone leader's apartment.  But when we first got there, they wanted to make sure that we weren't at all contaminated.  They made us strip down (They gave us clean gym shorts to wear), put all our clothes in a garbage bag, put a garbage bag on our heads over our hair, run upstairs and take a shower before anything else.  They then took all of our already clean clothing and put it all in the dryer (along with my razor and toothbrush and deodorant and tooth paste).  It was just a fun experience and then they made us do it again last night because we had to run back to our apartment to grab some things.  And you will not have to worry about food.  The members here love to feed missionaries and insist that you keep eating even when you're full.

That's great to hear about Gavin.  I really hope he gets to work there at the MTC.  And I know he is just trying to take care of you and make sure you aren't stressed and overburdened with things to do all the time.  He can take it :) and just be thankful you have a willing son.

Logan will eventually find a wife.  I am almost sure of that.  And it's exciting to hear about Chelsea getting ready to leave.  It's crazy to think she's going to be gone soon then.  :)

I was told by a sister here that she is friends with Travis' companion.  Her name is Sister Lewis/Weaver (she has some trouble with her last name...)  And that's awesome to hear how you guys have been helping out with their family at Bike Events.  Sounds fun and it's keeping you a little busy.

They just had spring break out here last week.  So a bunch of families have been visiting other islands for a short vacation.  We might not be able to teach as much because kids are now going to be busy again.  But we have been getting a lot of investigators (well a lot compared to before).  When we first got here, we had zero investigators, but we're working up to being really busy all the time.  We have a baptism scheduled for April 13.  We are hoping it stays strong.

Umm well I'm not sure if I want some of the other stuff if I don't have means to travel around with it.  I was super close to the weight limit and you have to go through airlines to travel between islands.  Ummmm do you know of anyone coming out here to Hawaii any time soon.  Otherwise it might be really expensive to ship it to me.

Today we went on another trip.  It was called Haleakela.  You go to the very top of the volcano (dormant) on Maui and watch the sunrise.  It was really beautiful and I took some pictures except that I had to head down a little early, because Elder Mitton (companion) had to go pee super bad.  Haha but it was pretty either way.

Thanks for all that you do.  Love you so much 
Elder Nitta

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